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2019 Cub Scout Leadership Courses


The Cub Scout Leadership Course will provide Cubs with leadership skills that they can develop through life. Cubs will be joining in with loads of great activities that are designed to help the Cub learn some important leadership qualities that they can take back to their Unit (Pack) and Patrol (Six).

Please see below the current schedule for Cub Leadership Courses. This page will be updated as more courses become available, so check back regularly!





15-17 March

Woodhouse Bunkhouse

Helen Filby

17 March

This course is a new one-day format with exciting new content

Eden Hills

Kathryn Affleck

5-7 April


Natasha Jones

4-5 May

Flagstaff Hill

John Kalaitzis

24-25 August

Hallett Cove

John Kalaitzis