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2016 Scouts SA Cub Scout Leader


The Cub Scout Leader Expo was a developmental opportunity for all Leaders and Adult Helpers involved in the Cub Scout Section. We put together a day that was jam-packed full of exciting activities, information, networking and learning opportunities!

Some of the great sessions held on the day were as follows:

  • Tips on Behavioural Management from a professional speaker and former educator
  • Integrating Cubs with Additional Needs into your Pack
  • An entertaining and engaging demonstration from Mobile Science Education
  • Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Ideas for Wide Games
  • Environmental Ideas for Cub programs
  • An introduction to Geocaching
  • Learning about Positive Progress - Keeping your Leader Mojo

We also had displays of great camping and hiking sites for Cub Packs, a participant competition with a great prize, a metro/country Pack networking scheme, a chance to purchase retro Cub merchandise and more!

In addition to this full day of training and development, every participant received a USB of resourcescollectors' badge, morning, lunch afternoon tea and a bag of goodies

We are very grateful to all the presenters who worked hard to provide over 100 Cub Scout Leaders this wonderful day of training and development.

Testimonials from participants:

I'm very time poor and was unsure whether making the 8 hour return trip…was going to be the best use of my time, but I'm very glad I did.”

“Thanks for a great day.”

“What a busy day it was; well done, you should feel very proud!”