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AJ2019 Join-In Jamboree


Got the post-jamboree blues? Excited about everything you have heard about the Jamboree and want your cubs to know all about it, but don't want to wait 3 years for the next one? Here is the solution for you!

The Join-in-Jamboree program for AJ2019 is here. It is a resource designed for you to run either a 2-night or a 4-night program with your Cubs to give them a taste of an Australian Jamboree without ever leaving your hall (thereby avoiding the dust and heat of Tailem Bend). Have a look, enjoy. There is even a badge!

Click here to download the program.

Please note: current badge stock is limited and more badges will only be made if there is a considerable demand. This program has been available since September 2018 and the initial order of 2000 is now in short supply. The link to order the badges is in the resource, but you will only be sent an invoice IF there are badges available or it is decided to do another run. 

To order your badges please go to: 


For enquiries please email