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Cub Scout Uniform

As part of the world wide Scout Movement Cub Scouts have their own uniform.

All members of Scouts in Australia have the same navy blue uniform shirt, with the only difference being the change in colour on the sleeves and collar.

The Cub Scouts Uniform shirts have the yellow highlight on the collar and sleeves.

All sections wear a scarf but different States, Districts and Groups may have different scarves or have a special woggle for you to wear, your Cub Scout Leader will let you know what your Pack wears and how to get one.

The uniform may be worn before the Cub Scout is "invested" or becomes a Member but the scarf and woggle will be presented to them at their ceremony and cannot be worn until then. If they are moving up from Joey Scouts the scarf may be worn but Cub Badges will be presented to sew on to the uniform.

For formal occasions you will be required to wear stone/bone coloured trousers, but your Cub Scout Leader will let you know if, and when, they are required.

Appropriate footwear is needed for fun, adventure and games, sneakers or sand shoes are good, bare feet and thongs are not allowed.

Cub Scouts are sun smart and will need to wear a bucket hat or something similar, Scout hats are available from the Scout Outdoor Centre but any appropriate hat will do unless it's a formal occasion.

For most meetings at your Scout Hall and excursions the uniform will be worn and your Joey Leader will let you know if there are activities, such as one where you might get dirty, where you will wear "mufti" or casual clothes.

The Cub Scout badges that go on the uniform such as the World Scout badge, Group and District badges are usually presented at their investiture  or if a Joey Scout, at the going up ceremony  except for the Achievement Badges which are earned as well as activity or special occasion badges that are usually for sewing onto a badge blanket.

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All Uniforms are available at the Scout Outdoor Centre in Rundle St Adelaide or available online.