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Meet Emily she has been a Cub Scout for two years and was a Joey Scout.  She is working on her Gold Boomerang and can't wait to get her Grey Wolf!

Why do you like Cub Scouts?
I love Cub Scouts because I get to do things that I wouln't get to do on my own like have a camp and go gliding or spend a weekend Caving or go to an event with thousands of other Cub Scouts just like me!
What are your favourite activities at Cub Scouts?
I really like to  work on my Award Scheme Badges as I do stuff with Cubs and stuff with my family. We went to a fish farm with Cubs and learned about native fish and then on the weekend Mum, Dad, my little sister Sally and I all got up early and went fishing together at Grange and I got to bait my rod and catch fish and even Mum put a worm on her hook. The best part was that Mum and Dad came to Cubs that Monday night and watched Akela present my badges.

What is your greatest achievement in Cub Scouts?
I think getting my Boomerang Badges because they are so important and all the other Cubs know how you worked hard to achieve them and then they come and ask you for advice and you can teach them what you know.

What's the best Cub Scout memory for you?
When I became a Sixer and I ran a game for the first time. Everyone knew I was nervous but they listened really well and one of the Joeys who was visiting introduced me to her parents and told them how good my game was. It made me feel really good and now I am never that shy anymore, even at school.

What is your favourite TV show?
I like Totally Wild, Escape from Scorpion Island and any kind of sport.

Describe yourself in three words.
friendly, helpful, explorer

Tell us your favourite joke.
Q: What do you get when you cross a kangaroo and a sheep?
A: A woolly Jumper!

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