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What do Cub Scouts Do?


Cub Scouts choose their own adventure!

They work in their "Six" and plan what they would like to achieve and what  they would like to do as a group.

Akela and the other Leaders assist with making the arrangements and making sure that all of the Scout objectives are met but there really isn't too many limits to what you can do as a Cub Scout!

And, of course the program is designed around the Law and Promise, the Award Scheme and the Scout method.


 Other activities that a Cub Scout might do include;

Community service: this is an important aspect of Scouts as building better citizens is our core aim, Community service activities might include Anzac Day Dawn Service, participating in Clean Up Australia Day, visiting a nursing home or helping to re-vegitate an area of bushland. Cub Scouts are encouraged to find and develop ways to contribute to their community.

Games: Leaning about team work, leadership and co-operation while developing gross motor skills and building physical confidence.

Outdoor Activities: Getting out in nature on activities such as a nature hike can make Cub Scouts think about the environment they are in, and start to care about it.  At the same time they learn skills such as how to pack for a hike, how to read a map and how to navigate by compass or GPS. They might even have the fun of geocaching or special activities to complete on the journey!

Environmental activities: A large part of the Cub Scout Award Scheme focuses on the environment and Scouting has a strict environmental charter. Specific projects such as caring for a pet or area of native bushland can count toward a badge while increasing the Cub Scouts knowledge of the world around them.

Camping: Camping offers a whole range of activities that you just can't access from the hall. Cub Scouts can get further afield into the environment and learn more about themselves and their Pack on an extended adventure.

Other activities might include:

sailing and other water sports
rock climbing
land yachting
mountain boarding

The list goes on............



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