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South East District Camp

Our District Cub camp was held on the 1st to the 3rd of April at Cape Jaffa on the coast between Robe and Kingston SE.  We started arriving at camp on Friday night.  The closest Group travelled 70km to get to the campsite and the farthest group travelled nearly 160km to camp.  Once we arrived we set our tents up and met all of the other Cubs and Leaders from the district and got reacquainted with old friends and made many new friends too.  We had some supper and went to bed. 

 Working hard at the activityEveryone was excited and not much sleep was had last night.  Up and breakfast with cereal and pancakes on the menu.  We then got into out activities for the weekend.  We were working on our codes and signals badge and our fishing badge for the weekend.  You can see all the Cubs and Leaders working hard in picture 1.  They are making a Morse Code Signal lamp.   

Beach walkPicture 1

 In picture 2 you can see us walking on the beach.  One of our activities was a hike along the beach.  It was a really nice day, but too cold to have a swim.  There was a little bit of seaweed on the beach, but the was plenty of sand for us as well.  We walked all the way dowm the beach to the breakwater at the end.  Picture 3 shows our group sitting on the rocks of the breakwater.  While we were having a rest there, 2 crayfish boats came in to the marina there. Sitting having a rest of the Break Water  Picture 2 To finish our walk, we walked back through the new marina up on a rise to look over the entire marina.  We certainly earned our lunch with that walk, which was baked spuds and hotdogs.  Very yummy.

Picture 3

 Activities after lunch, included fishing off the jetty.  Not much was caught, but we did catch an octopus and a squid.  There were a couple of toad fish as well.  But most of all everyone had a go and had some fun.  

Picture 4

Here’s a picture of our gateway that one of the leaders made for the camp.  This gateway showed people that we were a group of cub scouts on camp.  A couple of the groups bought their group flags and hung them n the gateway as well.  You can see our flag pole in the background as well. 
 Picture 5Leaders training While we were at camp our Leaders that had a spare moment, completed some of their e-learning training.  With the availability of laptop computers and wireless internet, it’s a perfect opportunity to complete parts of the training. Investing leaders   As a final thing for all camps is the closing parade.  On this camp we invested 1 new Leader in front of all our cubs and 2 other re-affirmed their promises.  This is being done by our District Commissioner who attended the whole camp, helping with the activities and some of the training. 

We had a really great weekend and all of our Cubs are looking forward to the Cuboree coming up later in the year.