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2017 SA Branch Commissioner's Challenge


The 2017 SA Branch Commissioner's Challenge was based on the theme of 'Community'.

Cubs were required to attend a community event that they had not attended before. 

To be awarded the Challenge badge, participating Cubs/Packs needed to:

  • Attend any event in the community not previously attended.
  • Attend in full uniform or Group shirts.
  • Attend for at least two hours.
  • Take photos of the event.
  • Submit a short report on the event and complete an application to the BC’s nominated person, for badge order. 

The Challenge could have been completed as an individual, within a Pack or as a joint Pack activity. It could not be also used to meet the criteria for any other Achievement or Special Interest badge, eg ‘Their Service Our Heritage’ at ANZAC Day.

For the purposes of the Challenge, a community event was defined as an event which is open to the wider community and public, eg School Fête, City to Bay Fun Run, Loxton Mardi Gras etc.