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2018 SA Branch Commissioner's Challenge


The 2018 SA Branch Commissioner's Challenge is for Cub Packs to take park in a joint activity with another Cub Pack from outside of their District.

The activity can be anything that involves interacting with Cub Scouts from a different District, such as visiting or hosting a different Pack. Why not use your Pack Council to come up with some great ideas?

Example activities include:

  • Camp or sleepover
  • Section night visit
  • Joint outing
  • Inviting a Pack to your District event
  • Attending a Branch event
  • Becoming Pen Pals with a distant Pack
  • Long distance communication via radio or internet

Get your Cubs talking about this at your next Pack Council!

On completion of the activity, Packs will be able to apply for a blanket badge by completing a form and submitting some photos of how they have achieved it.

Click here to download the BC Challenge Badge form.

The 2018 BC Challenge Badge has been designed by Alyssa T of Clare Cub Pack.

For enquiries please email