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2019 SA Branch Commissioner's Challenge


Every year the Branch Commissioner challenges the Cub Scouts to undertake something fun, challenging, adventurous and inclusive. This year, the challenge has an "Emergency Services" theme.

The background to this year’s challenge is to encourage all Cub Packs (Units) to engage in emergency services programs. Plan to visit an emergency service or have them visit you in 2019, or alternatively plan and run an emergency service themed program.


There is no prescription on what defines an emergency service organisation, and this can be left up to the individual Pack (Unit) to decide. The most common would be Police, Ambulance, Fire and SES.


It is anticipated that the badges will be available for purchase prior to undertaking the required activity so that they can be handed out on the day at the end of the activity.


To qualify for the badge, the individual Cub Scouts or Leaders will need to undertake two activities from the following at any time during 2019:

  • Visit an emergency services organisation
  • Organise an emergency services organisation or representative, to visit the Pack (Unit)
  • Undertake an emergency services themed program

Scout Central has some themed program ideas to assist.


Don’t forget to share your ideas at Seeonees and the Cub Scouts SA Facebook group


Click here to access the online badge order form.


Click here to download a printer-friendly copy of the BC Challenge Criteria.